GSMA Mobile 360 Series - Conference Overview

Conference Overview


Digital Identities

Under the theme Digital Identities, the core conversations at Mobile 360 – Digital Societies address the need for secure, manageable identities and responsible use of personal data within an increasingly connected world. This includes discussions on the challenges, opportunities, and policy and regulations associated with the digital transformation in APAC while addressing the critical questions for the region: what does digitisation across developed and emerging markets actually mean for governments, businesses, and consumers? How do cross-border data flows, cashless societies, public/private opportunities and authentication play out across the region? And what role will mobile play within this shift?

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Accordingly, the conference topics are crafted to address the critical questions for the region. The topics this year include:

  • Digital identity as a platform
  • Mobile/digital money and cashless societies
  • Data management and privacy
  • Reaping the benefits of a digital society
  • Crossing borders and international digital society development
  • An accessible digital society for all
  • Digital society and local culture
  • Citizen engagement in a digital society
  • Progress towards a digital society – case studies

The conference includes by a variety of insightful keynote presentations, panel discussions, and in-depth case studies, all aimed at senior-level decision-makers across the digital landscape.