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Mobile 360 – Digital Societies includes a variety of workshops, partner programmes, and side sessions that allow you to take a deep-dive into specific topics beyond the conference sessions. These sessions allow you to engage in activities and programmes from GSMA and our partners. All sessions are open to all attendees but we request you apply to attend using the form below.

To attend a workshop or session, you will need to register for the Mobile 360 – Digital Societies event. If you have not registered yet, be sure you do this here.

Women For Tech Leaders Reception

Date: 24 Sep | 17:30-19:30

The benefits of gender diversity in the tech industry

It is hardly news that there is a persistent gender gap in the tech industry. The 2016 World Economic Forum “Future of Jobs” report indicated that in the mobility sector, only 19% of employees were women and in the ICT sector overall, women comprised 24% of the workforce.

What is now being disclosed and analyzed is that gender inequality is not only bad for women; it is also bad for business. Organisations with a diverse workforce deliver better results than those that do not encourage diversity. According to Credit Suisse (2016), companies where women make up more than 15% of the executive team have been 50% more profitable than companies where women make up less than 10%. UN and McKinsey’s findings reveal similar trends: firms with diversity at senior management levels perform better in all dimensions of organisational effectiveness.

Bridging the gender gap in the tech industry is not easy. A gender diverse workforce is not only achieved through hiring more women, it requires office environments where women feel welcome and respected, and that is a matter of culture and education. In order to create gender parity and diversity, we need a multidimensional approach that includes:

  • Education and public policies that promote gender equality.
  • Business organisations that create the right environment and promote a culture that does not penalise women.
  • Women learning to believe in themselves and be more assertive.

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Mobile for Development Utilities Mobile Operators Roundtable

Date: 24 Sep | 12:30-14:00

The Mobile for Development Utilities Programme promotes the use of mobile networks, infrastructure and payment systems to open new pathways for affordable and reliable utility services to reach the underserved. This session aims to promote partnerships between mobile operators and utility service providers to implement mobile based utility solutions in Asia Pacific. The team will present learnings from the different business models trialled in Asia through the Mobile for Development Utilities – Innovation Fund and also provide an open forum for operators and service providers to share their experiences from implementing such projects.

This session includes a working lunch

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Network Security Seminar: Securing the Future

Date: 25 Sep | 13:30-17:30

5G, Network Slicing, Mobile Edge Computing…all these brilliant new technologies will definitely bring a lot of new use cases and new businesses. On the other hand, these new technologies will also bring in new challenges in network security.

This session covers the followings:

  • overview of new challenges in network security
  • technologies and solutions for network security
  • actions that the industry is taking

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The Role of Mobile as an Assistive Technology

Date: 25 Sep | 15:00-17:00

How people with disabilities can represent an untapped market for mobile operators in emerging markets

Disability affects more than a billion people worldwide, yet only one in ten have access to the assistive technologies they need to live more independent and autonomous lives. This session aims to raise awareness to Asian stakeholders about the potential of mobile as an assistive technology for people with disabilities (PWDs), but also how PWDs, who increasingly rely on digital communications to be included in society, can represent an untapped market for mobile operators. The team will present the learnings of their first landscaping study on the potential of mobile for PWDs and recent primary research conducted in Kenya and Bangladesh to collect evidence on the benefits and barriers of PWDs to use mobile services and devices. This research also revealed insights into the potential commercial opportunity for mobile operators to close this access gap and make their services accessible to all.

The session will include a round table discussion on industry recommendations for effective strategies for driving inclusion of PWDs across all services and products within the mobile ecosystem. Participants will discuss short-, medium- and long-term opportunities as well as key approaches to overcome challenges for driving inclusion initiatives within their organisations.

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Mobile Money APAC Forum

Date: 25 Sep | 15:30-17:30

Mobile money in Asia-Pacific: Catalysing future growth through industry collaboration

In just a few years, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region has witnessed unprecedented growth in mobile money deployments and registered customers. South Asia, together with East Asia and Pacific, now represents 44.2% of registered mobile money accounts globally – only 1.4% less than Sub-Saharan Africa, the established global epicentre of mobile money. The mobile money ecosystem in the APAC region is fast evolving, with increased investment from tech giants, a sustained focus on interoperability and international remittances, a rapid increase in smartphone penetration and an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

This session explores recent innovations, emerging trends, regulatory reforms and other critical factors contributing to the rapid expansion of APAC’s mobile financial ecosystem, with a view to identifying key enablers of continued growth and diversification of services.

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International Infrastructure Summit – The Right Stuff: TowerCo’s Digital Infrastructure sponsored by edotco

Date: 25 Sep | 13:30-17:30

International Infrastructure Summit – Connecting digital divide

The International Infrastructure Summit gathers luminaries of the telecommunications industry from across the region to examine the infrastructure required and challenges associated with building a connected digital society of tomorrow. Industry leaders unpack topics related to 5G deployment, impact of digitisation and robotics to the telecommunications business, transformative technologies as well as regulatory viewpoints.

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eSIM Connectivity at Scale sponsored by ARM

Date: 25 Sep | 13:30-17:30

Meeting challenges and delivering opportunities

The eSIM seminar will explore the challenges in deploying eSIM and bringing devices to market. Has the launch of the first eSIM smartphones changed the paradigm?

During the first part of the event, senior managers from OEMs and EUMs, will provide case studies of market deployments covering devices to digitalization of the user journey.

The second part will be mainly organised around a panel about the three challenges that need to be addressed deploying IOT: Security, Scalability and Connectivity.

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Unlocking the Value of Digital Identity in a Hyper Connected World

Date: 26 Sep | 09:30-17:30

Key pillars & building blocks of commercially sustainable digital identity framework

This event, organised in association with Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), will consist of a full day conference around the creation of a sustainable digital identity framework. The latter, upon implementation, can play a pivotal role in a wide range of digital interactions between individuals and institutions, ensuring financial inclusion and effective governance. Also, it can positively impact countries’ GDP by simply moving from paper based identification to digital identification.

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APAC IoT Innovation Summit

Date: 26 Sep | 09:30-17:30

At MWC Barcelona, GSMA announced 110 Mobile IoT (NB-IoT/LTE-M) networks deployed worldwide and 37 are coming from Asia Pacific across 15 countries. Global cellular LPWA network connections were primarily driven by APAC that accounts for nearly 97% of all NB-IoT. These Mobile IoT technologies already merged into 5G standards that further empower low latency, massive IoT and large bandwidth.
With these new technologies, innovators, enterprise and government can accelerate the digital transformation and progress toward the digital societies. It could be enable new business models, new business processes, increase business efficiency, greater innovation and drive improved visibility across an organization.

Welcome to attend the summit

  • Learn the latest Mobile IoT development and deployment from mobile operators
  • Understand how industries adopt the technologies and get the compelling benefits
  • Get insights from the regional IoT innovators and ecosystem
  • Receive first-hand information from the 5G pioneer
  • Leverage the great opportunities on networking, collaboration and partnership
  • Visit the IoT Expo (Connected APAC with innovator to show case)

About GSMA IoT work, please refer to GSMA IoT Programme and APAC IoT Partnership programme, contact Terence Wong

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Policy Day: Transformational Regulatory Policies to support Industry 4.0 and 5G

Date: 26 Sep | 09:30-17:30

Intelligent connectivity, the combination of 5G, AI, Big Data and IoT, is at the heart of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) and there is a huge opportunity for policy makers and the mobile ecosystem to work together to ensure the economies in APAC can capture value, boost economic growth and benefit society. In 2018, mobile technologies and services generated 5.3% of GDP across APAC – a contribution that amounted to $1.6 trillion of economic value added. By 2023, mobile’s contribution will surpass $1.9 trillion as countries around the region increasingly benefit from the improvements in productivity and efficiency brought about by mobile services.

There are numerous Industry 4.0 (I4.0) developments in APAC. For example: Centres for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in India, Bangladesh, and Japan; Korea’s presidential commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution; Singapore’s Smart Nation and Committee for the Future Economy initiatives; Malaysia’s Industry 4.0 transformation known as Industry 4WRD; Indonesia’s “2020 Go Digital Vision”, the “Thailand 4.0” initiative and, Vietnam government’s Industry 4.0 initiatives.

The Mobile 360 – Digital Societies Policy day is comprised of two round table sessions.

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