Transitioning to 5G in Latin America

By Gabriel Solomon, Head of Government & Industry Relations, Europe & Latin America

Latin America’s digital infrastructure will drive its future prosperity. We need powerful robust and secure networks that enable pervasive and data-intensive communications between everyone and everything. 5G is the critical national infrastructure that will interconnect a huge array of technologies and services.

To be at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution, governments need to put in place 5G ready policy. Sufficient harmonised spectrum needs to be released in a timely manner that incentivises investment rather than maximizes revenue. Costly and lengthy deployment barriers need to be removed to improve the economics of network densification. And regulation needs to be modernised to accommodate new industrial use cases.

Ericsson has been present in Latin America since 1896 and currently employs 11,000 people across the region. Our Global Service Centre is based in Mexico. We look forward to sharing our expertise as the region makes the 5G switch.
Being a technology leader runs through Ericsson’s DNA. While many talk about 5G, we are deploying it. Since 2015, Ericsson has shipped 3 million 5G-ready radios and we have the most named 5G commercial deals, with live deployments in Asia, Europe and North America. We enable more than half of the world’s commercial wide-area IoT networks.

Ericsson’s unique spectrum sharing solution allows operators to dynamically mix 4G and 5G traffic on the same spectrum. 5G can be switched on via a software upgrade and existing 4G infrastructure can be used to quickly deliver nationwide 5G coverage.

The transition to 5G can also catalyse energy efficient solutions across different sectors of society to help reduce global emissions by 15%, or one-third of the 50% reduction required by 2030.

Gabriel Solomon is the Head of Government & Industry Relations, Europe & Latin America for Ericsson. Ericsson is a Supporting Sponsor at Mobile 360 – Latin America in Mexico City on 4-6 June 2019