The future is now: IoT and the evolution of the Network

By Marco Quatorze, Value Added Services Director, América Móvil

Technological developments have created unprecedented changes in the way we communicate, in the way we relate to each other, and in the way we perform all kinds of activities. Immediacy in communication translates into the possibility to do anything at anytime and in anyplace. This is the main reason why cities need to be modernized and strengthen their telecommunications networks.

Technological change has brought us into a digital era characterized by a transactional society and the increasing automation of all social and economic activities, in order to make life easier for individuals. Therefore, we see this automation expanding beyond industries and becoming available to everyone thanks to the development and optimization of new devices.

Nowadays, we can access different modes of transportation by only opening one app. We can track of our health and share the results with the doctor without attending a medical appointment. We can order food or shop all kinds of things without leaving our home. We can also monitor our homes remotely while away, or even clean a room without actually being in it, all of this with the help of mobile devices.

All of this seemed unlikely five years ago, but nowadays it has become essential and these trends are impossible to disregard for the next five years. In a few years, we have been able to witness how the amazing development of technology has facilitated our activities, improved our cities, and increased our quality of life.

These changes have caused an unprecedented increase in data traffic and connectivity around the world. According to Cisco, in 2020 alone there will be 4.5 billion Internet users and the number of connections is expected to grow to 50 billion. Additionally, every time a new device is connected, like a TV, a car, or a medical gadget, the total potential connections will grow by another 50 billion, since every device will be able to connect and interact with the others. Studies reveal that in 2022, there will be 29 billion devices connected to the Internet worldwide, of which 18 billion will be gadgets linked to the Internet of Things (IoT).

At América Móvil, we believe that the constant modernization and optimal use of our physical infrastructure are key to face this new and challenging reality. It is through the connectivity of our platforms and the development of new services and digital solutions that we will continue helping cities and industries in their digital transformation.

This new digital ecosystem, where Internet of things (IoT), cloud services, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), e-commerce and over the top services (OTT) come together, requires a permanent connection with a near zero latency to guarantee its seamless operation. Therefore, it is critical to have enough capacity and infrastructure to enable the network to serve the volume of transactions and data traffic that is demanded.

With this vision, last year we took another step forward by being the first ones to launch the 4.5G network in several countries of Latin America, offering improved speed and connectivity to millions of users. During 2019 we will invest 8.5 billion dollars in Mexico and Latin America, to continue advancing the deployment of optical fiber and state-of-the-art technologies, aimed at strengthening our regional platforms.

Furthermore, we have undertaken the challenge of expanding our services catalog and self-owned solutions, transforming from a traditional telecommunications company to one that offers a wide diversity of solutions to meet the requirements of this new digital era.

All these challenges, opportunities, changes and trends that our industry faces before the technological evolution and the increasing demand for a digital transformation of the cities worldwide, will be discussed during the next edition of Mobile 360 – Latin America to be held in Mexico, on 4-6 June in which América Móvil is once again a Host Sponsor.

In this forum we will seek to create synergies to pave the paths toward the digital transformation in Latin America, reducing the digital divide and connecting millions of people and devices, delivering smart solutions that provide better security, comfort and productivity, contributing to improve the quality of life in the region.
Marco Quatorze, Value Added Services Director, América Móvil. América Móvil is the Host Sponsor at Mobile 360 – Latin America in Mexico City on 16-18 June 2019.
The views and opinions in this piece reflect those of América Móvil and not necessarily those of GSMA.