Leading 5G Business Innovation, ZTE releases 5G Cloud XR Application White Paper

By: ZTE Corporation
XR (Extended Reality) refers to a real and virtual man-machine interaction environment generated by computer technologies and wearable devices, including VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality), and HR (Holographic Reality). With the booming development of the Internet of Things, AI, and 5G, the XR-related industry is constantly attracting attention and admiration from markets and enterprises. However, it is difficult for local stand-alone XR to develop on a large scale due to lower user experience, high user cost, lack of unified content distribution platform, and lack of effective protection of content copyright.

Cloud XR effectively solves the pain point that strict the development of XR, and strengthens social communication and assistance, providing powerful support for the development of digital media communication. Cloud XR is the best large-scale development path of the current XR industry.
Based on the analysis of the challenges and development trends of XR applications, ZTE released the 5G Cloud XR Application White Paper, focusing on the business requirements and seven solutions of the Cloud XR typical application scenarios in 5G era, and provide a technical solution and user experience assessment system for the challenges of XR development.

Cloud AR remote guidance

The 5G + Video + Cloud AR solution has the features of high definition and intelligence. With the high bandwidth and mobility of 5G, the network can avoid the dependence on cables to support the fast expansion and it will support transmitting 4K, 8K, and 16K high definition streams. AR-based video conference makes terminals more diversified and combines with AI to make the system more intelligent and convenient.

Remote Application Demonstration Based on Cloud MR

With the high bandwidth and low latency of 5G, simultaneous positioning and mapping are introduced to enable videoconferencing to meet a wider range of application scenarios. MR glasses are used to enhance the real-time display of video conference, making video interaction more intuitive, more stereoscopic, and more realistic.

Cloud AR Security

HD road conditions are transmitted to the analysis and scheduling system in real-time through the 5G network. At the same time, the drone and other cameras are interconnected with the security monitoring system fixed on the ground, to build an all-round stereo security system.

Cloud VR/ AR interactive education

Panoramic images, panoramic videos, and 3D models present history, culture and other courses can meet the requirement of teachers for VR education, and the requirements of users for viewing AR virtual models.

Cloud VR UHD Immersive Video

With 5G ultra-high bandwidth and MEC edge computing capabilities, the problem that mobile phone users inside the venue cannot see some scenarios due to angels can be solved by a multi-perspective live broadcast. And users outside the venue can enjoy better service experience based on VR HD immersive live broadcast.

Cloud VR Video Game

Based on Cloud VR deployed on edge MECs, VR games implement the processing of nearby VR applications and the distribution of results. The implementation includes real-time media processing, GPU acceleration and image rendering functions which require huge computing capacity, thus reducing the transmission delay.

Cloud HR Holographic Conference

Video conferences based on holographic images make conference terminals more diversified, and blended reality display with naked holographic imaging and MR glasses makes video interaction more intuitive, stereoscopic and immersive.

As the global leading provider of communication equipment and solution, ZTE will continue to work with partners to research and innovate 5G and next-generation communication technologies and the applications, explore the business models and operational models of 5G Cloud XR applications and support the digital transformation of the societies. We believe that Cloud XR technology and applications combined with 5G technology will greatly change the way we work in many different segments of work, life, entertainment, and learning.

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