Digital Growth in Latin America 

In the run up to the Mobile 360 – Latin America in Mexico City, Insights360 spoke with Jorge Camacho Pineda, Director General from Magnum Soluciones Digitales to discuss the biggest opportunities for digital growth in Latin America and how the industry can work together to power digital investments in the region.

“Digital growth today can be implemented in nearly every market we can think of and in any size possible. That being said, it is imperative that technology providers implement cost effective solutions accounting for cloud services to maximize investments of the technology end-users.”

What issues can slow digital transformation?
“Latin America is always a peculiar region in the world. We can always talk about corruption or problems regarding the exchange rate with local currency; however, I believe that solutions must be tailor-made for the end-user and not just something that comes in a box. On the other side, the end-user must be aware that they are investing in new technology that will allow them to profit from it in the near future. They need to see the “expense” as an investment that will allow them to do more to be connected with the world.

How can the industry work together to power digital advancements in region?
“I believe that cloud services as well as open protocols are the way to work together. Not to close someone’s technology by using proprietary protocols and closing the gates for everyone else to develop new solutions out of something that has already been created.

“Mobile 360 – Latin America is important because it allow us to come together to have an open dialogue and come up with new ideas or solutions.”

Visit Magnum’s booth at Mobile 360 – Latin America from 4-6 June 2019 at the Hilton Mexico City Reforma in Mexico City

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Licenciado Jorge Camacho Pineda is the Director General of Magnum Soluciones Digitales.

The views and opinions in this piece reflect those of Magnum Soluciones Digitales and not necessarily those of GSMA.