Supplementary Regional Event Terms & Conditions

M360 Asia Pacific

These Supplementary Regional Event Terms & Conditions (“M360 Asia Pacific Supplementary Terms”) are complementary to the “Primary Terms” and together set out the terms on which You may participate in the M360 Series Asia Pacific Event (“Event”). You are subject to these M360 Asia Pacific Supplementary Terms by virtue of undertaking the Registration Activities to obtain a pass and by attending the Event onsite in any other authorized capacity, including but not limited to, all visitors, event attendees, staff, suppliers, exhibitors, press, delegates, VIPs, and any other individuals participating in the Event (collectively “Attendees”). In the case of a conflict between the Primary Terms and these M360 Asia Pacific Supplementary Terms these M360 Asia Pacific Supplementary Terms shall prevail.  

Description of Services 

The Event is scheduled to take place from 2-3 August 2022 at JW Marriott South Beach, Singapore, located at 30 Beach Road, Nicoll Hwy, Access Via, Singapore 189763 (“Venue”). This website provides access to an account, registration and other services for the Event, including but not limited to information regarding promotional, sales, sponsorship, and networking opportunities for companies doing business in the mobile industry (“Services”). Please note that You may not have access to certain sessions or activities depending on the type of pass that You have. The Event does not include any virtual Event activities. 

Onsite Event admission 

All attendees will need to show their Digital Badge on arrival at the Venue perimeter. This can be displayed from a smart phone device or alternatively, a Print at home Pdf badge, in colour, can be shown to access the Venue perimeter. Your Digital Badge will be accessible from the registration system on the “Attendee Reg Home Page”. GSMA or Venue may or may not offer onsite badge printing facilities. 

ID verification check may be performed as well during the onsite registration process if required by Venue or local authorities in Singapore. You agree to carry Your government issued photo identification in the form of a passport or national ID card (where permitted) with You at all times during the Event. You acknowledge that without completing the required steps, Your registration cannot be completed and You will not be allowed to access the Venue.  

COVID-19 related requirements 

Prior to arrival to Singapore, ensure that you familiarise yourself with the Singapore` pandemic prevention and control measures, the vaccinated travel framework and other important travel information and border measures. Important information can be found at: and

You will not be permitted to attend the Event in person unless You are compliant with applicable requirements. You agree to fully comply with these pandemic prevention and control measures at all times during the Event. However, please note that all pandemic prevention and control measures are based on the current circumstances and are subject to change in response to the latest developments and guidelines set out by the Singapore government, Venue, or M360 Series Event team.  

Visas & Travel Authorisation 

You are responsible for arranging and paying all costs for obtaining appropriate travel authorisations to travel to, and gain entry, into the country where the Event is taking place. GSMA shall not compensate You, nor shall refunds be issued in the event of Your inability to attend the Event due to lack of necessary travel authorisations.  

Local laws and customs 

Before traveling to Singapore please ensure that You familiarize yourself with the local law and customs. 

Voluntary Participation 

You may volunteer or be asked to participate in demonstrations or exhibits during the course of the Event.  Any participation by You in such a demonstration or exhibit is on a voluntary basis and is not a requirement.  You may purchase or be invited to participate in hospitality offerings by third parties and such offerings may include high risk activities, including, but not limited to, flights in a hot air balloon, helicopter or bi-plane rides and such like.  You understand that You participate in such demonstrations, exhibits and hospitality offerings entirely at Your own risk. GSMA is not responsible or liable for any injury or damage You may suffer as a consequence of participating in such demonstration or exhibit other than to the extent such injury or damage is caused by GSMA’s gross negligence or willful misconduct. GSMA expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for injury or damage caused to You by Your participation in hospitality offerings provided by third parties.