The AI Era: What’s Next?

2023-09-07 | 15:45 - 17:00

Grand Ballroom

Session Description

Taking a closer, responsible look at the AI boom and impact of Large Scale AI With the ground-breaking release of OpenAI's chatGPT, followed by a wave of large-scale AI models and services unveiled by various companies, the expectations surrounding the realm of AI are reaching unprecedented heights. AI has already initiated a transformative journey, revolutionizing industries and reshaping the very fabric of our lives. While large-scale AI have demonstrated impressive capabilities, it’s important to acknowledge the challenges posed by the significant resources required and existing limitations. We will discuss how to enable the seamless integration of AI into real-world applications and step forward to General AI. While exploring AI from the perspectives of infrastructure, platforms & software, and technology & research, in this session we will also examine the challenges associated with AI deployment and showcase how AI can be more inclusive, secure and responsible. Together, let's discover the possibilities and shape the future with the remarkable capabilities of Large-scale AI.


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