Securing fair returns in a challenging business environment

2023-09-07 | 14:00 - 15:15


GSMA Asia Pacific Policy Leaders Forum

Session Description

Telecoms infrastructure is the foundation of digital economies in Asia Pacific. Yet the mobile industry faces a paradox: although connectivity is one of the most critical economic enablers – transporting ever-greater volume of data over continuously evolving networks – the business of connectivity faces challenges due to declining revenues and shrinking investment resources to meet the growing demands, a situation compounded by macroeconomic conditions. In this session we will discuss alternative ways for the mobile ecosystem players to partner with governments to create enabling business environments that support fair returns on investments. The mobile industry plays a critical role in creating sustained value for the planet and contributes to equitable outcomes for society. The session will explore the importance of measuring and communicating ESG, ways to address challenges and trade-offs, and how policymakers can play an important role to support the industry.


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