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The annual conference opens with the launch of the GSMA’s Digital Societies in Asia Pacific Report

7 September 2023, Seoul: The GSMA M360 APAC event returns this year, with the annual event taking place for the first time in Seoul, South Korea, with host sponsor, KT. It brings industry leaders from across the region who have gathered to discuss the future of mobile technology and the impact of digital technologies and services on the economies of countries in Asia Pacific.  

Mats Granyrd, Director General of the GSMA, opened the conference by thanking the Ministry of Science and ICT in Korea and Host Sponsor KT for their hospitality, as well as announcing the GSMA’s latest report ‘Digital societies in Asia Pacific: Harnessing emerging technologies to advance digital nations’. The report assesses the role of emerging technologies in the aspirations of Asia Pacific countries to become digital nations. It states that 96% of the Asia Pacific population is now covered by mobile broadband networks, with operators set to spend almost $260 billion on their networks by 2030. The majority of this investment will go toward 5G technology. 

“This year we celebrated 50 years since the first mobile phone call was made. Today, our networks cover 95% of the world’s population, serving 5.4 billion unique customers. As Web 3.0, AI, and intelligent connectivity dominate global conversations, connectivity lies at the heart of it all. Our industry is poised for another strategic shift towards future-facing tech communications companies where everyone and everything is connected through our platforms,” said Mats Granryd during the opening ceremony and keynote. 

“As digital transformation accelerates, the importance of differentiated ICT capabilities that closely combine IT and CT is increasing. KT is one of Korea’s representative telecommunication companies for the development of DX core technologies and ecosystems, including AI, Big Data, Cloud and 5G, for a successful digital future. As a host sponsor for M360 APAC in Seoul, KT will discuss the future direction of the digital era to build a successful digital future,” said Young Shub Kim, President and CEO, KT Corporation. 

Fostering Digital Nations in Asia Pacific 

As the GSMA’s Digital Societies report highlights, countries across the APAC region will see the rest of this decade characterised by efforts to become Digital Nations. These efforts will involve integrating digital technologies and services into every sector of the economy to build resilient economies with finite resources and achieve sustainable and inclusive economic growth.  

Key findings from the report include: 

To download the report, click here. 
M360 APAC: Regional focus, global impact 

Presented by the GSMA, M360 is a series of global events that unify the regional mobile ecosystem. The events aim to discover, develop, and deliver innovation that serves as the foundation for positive business environments and societal change. The events facilitate inspirational keynotes, thought-provoking panel discussions and insightful case studies across mobile technology and adjacent industry verticals.