DX & Strategies Across Sectors in the 5G Era Seminar

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Date: 7 September 2023
Time: 14:00-17:20

According to the GSMA, by 2030, 5G will contribute US$960 billion to global GDP. Digital transformation of sectors is accelerating as 5G becomes mainstream alongside 4G and enabled by other technologies being integrated into various aspects of enterprises, organizations and industries with the goal of improving efficiency, productivity and overall performance.  Enabling technologies such as IoT, edge computing, xR, AI/ML to mention a few are playing a key role in the development of innovative services that are boosting the speed of digital transformation across sectors.  To maintain this speed of digital transformation and to maximize resultant potential benefits, strategic collaboration between stakeholders such as governments, enterprises, MNOs, SI enablers and ICT/tech companies is critical to success.

DX & Strategies Across Sectors in the 5G Era

This seminar will be run in two parts with the first part of the session examining DX strategies and collaborative partnerships between the players along the digital ecosystem across sectors from technology, commercial and policy perspectives through presentations and panel discussions from leading industry and government leaders in driving and implementing digital transformation strategies.

The second part will be a case study focused session on how various industries are leveraging digital technologies to transform their operations, and business models across different industries, showcasing how digital pioneers have successfully implemented digital transformation initiatives to improve productivity, efficiency, safety, resiliency gains, business growth and better end-user services. Attendees would have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and experts about the latest trends and best practices in digital transformation.

DX case studies will be from the following sectors.

Intelligent Manufacturing

5G connectivity can realize manufacturing by strengthening connectivity and digitization within factories and beyond them at every step along the entire value chain in manufacturing include cloud control of machines, augmented reality of high-quality instructions, and high-speed decisioning and preventive maintenances by processing massive amounts of data in real time.

Healthcare/Life Tech

With the aging population and increasing demand for better healthcare services, 5G Connected Healthcare creates better outcomes for patients during hospital stay, emergency room, nursing home and illness care. Applications boosted by advances in robotics, IoT, AI, and Holomedicine, include telemedicine, digital diagnostics, online consultations, continuous health monitoring, doctor training, remote surgeries and connected ambulances.

Intelligent Transportation

With the promise of wireless fiber speeds, broader coverage, higher capacity, and massive connections, 5G is set to connect billions of IoT including sensors, cameras, vehicles, machines and robotics, etc. 5G IoT will refine the logistics and transportation, enable autonomous vehicles and drones, enhance port and warehouse operational efficiency, and better logistics service via end-to-end digitization.

Intelligent City

The pandemic has driven the need for smart cities. Many countries are actively upgrading their networks, hoping to drive smart city initiatives via commercial 5G deployment. 5G connectivity combined with strengthened capabilities in IoT, AI, mixed reality, cloud and edge computing will unlock the new potential of urban applications, redefine the new normal of smart economies and re-create future sustainable societies.


The rollout of fully-5G networks will unlock new monetization opportunities with immersive experiences, metaverse world, high-resolution content such as 4K and 8K videos, and responsive cloud gaming, and simplify the broadcasting network.

DX & Strategies Across Sectors in the 5G Era