Innovation, Investment and Partnerships in the Era of DX

Digitally accelerated by DX Acceleration Forum

Date: 8 September 2023
Time: 11:30-17:30

5G commercial networks and services are now mainstream along side 4G networks enhancing further democratization of sectors and economies across the board.  This has accelerated the digital transformation and convergence of the digital ecosystem across sectors for traditional vertical players, new enablers, investors and innovative start-ups and their unique propositions. 

In this new exciting digital environment, collaboration between MNOs, traditional verticals players, tech enablers, innovative start-ups, the investment community and governments is critical to create an open, innovative and scalable digital ecosystem that promotes proactive exchange of new ideas, strategic partnerships, and the creation of innovative services and business models across vertical boundaries.

DX Acceleration Summit

Leading vertical players, MNOs, ecosystem enablers, innovative start-ups, investors, accelerators, and governments around the APAC region will participate in this summit to share their visions, strategies, business models, unique propositions and experiences in this fast-changing digital environment enabled by the expanding digital ecosystem, robust digital broadband infrastructure, 4G and 5G networks.

Key Session Discoveries:

  • Importance of innovation and collaboration for digital transformation
  • Innovation development and priorities in leading traditional verticals players
  • Enabling innovation between vertical players and startups
  • Priorities for investment community, LPs, VCs, CVCs.
  • Key criteria for successful investments in innovative ecosystem players
  • Tech Innovation Showcase of 16 unique start-ups over 4 verticals