Building Digital Nations

The Socio-eocomic benefits of building a Digital Nation are well documented, and across Asia Pacific governments are harnessing the power of technology to grow economies and deliver new innovative services to connected communities. As we advance further, technology promises to deliver even more. The advent of the Metaverse opens new worlds, proving the potential of technology is truly limitless. 

As we stand before this new era of widescale immersive technology, governments and industry leaders must collaborate closely, ensuring the evolution of our Digital Nations continues in a safe, sustainable way. How can we build trust in technologies while creating space for societal development and technological innovation? How can we harness the power of advanced technologies to drive value for businesses and communities? And what can the Asia Pacific region do to ensure it keeps pace with global tech innovations? 

This exclusive leadership conference, bringing together government and industry to define the strategy and policy for next generation Digital Nations.