M360 APAC | 1-2 October 2024


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Advancing Digital Nations with AI​

The AI evolution has reshaped business services in every sector and consumer behaviour in a way that marks a pivotal moment in the shift from building digital societies to building digital nations. ​

AI is accelerating a migration from physical to digital, revolutionizing traditional use cases and redefining business paradigms. When integrated with enabling technologies, like IoT and 5G, the impact of advanced connectivity and digital innovation will shape our future in ways we are yet to define. ​

Now, with 5G Advanced, a new catalyst for change is emerging but data governance, security and infrastructure needs to be harnessed to ensure emerging technologies support the growth of digital nations, for the benefit of all. ​


  • Customer experience in the AI era​
  • Cloud and Intelligent Edge ​
  • 5G Advanced

The era we live in is undergoing a great transformation through digital innovations. The digital ecosystem, connected via mobile technology, is a key element of this transformation and is innovating our daily lives as well as the society as a whole. At Mobile 360 APAC, important discussions and ideas on topics such as 5G and 6G, the role of the metaverse and expansion of AI, which are all critical for the development of the mobile ecosystem, will be shared.

The event will serve as a platform for collaboration among digital innovation companies in the fast-growing areas of Intelligent City, AI, Life-tech, and ESG. It will offer new opportunities and challenges in digital transformation.

H.E. Mr Jong-Ho Lee
Minister of Science and ICT
Republic of Korea

As digital transformation accelerates, the importance of differentiated ICT capabilities that closely combine IT and CT is increasing. 

KT is one of Korea’s representative telecommunication company taking responsibility in the development of DX core technologies and ecosystems for a innovative digital future such as AI, Big Data, Cloud, and 5G. 

Being a host sponsor for Mobile360 APAC Seoul, KT will discuss the future direction of the digital era with as much industries to build digital future.  

Young Shub Kim
President and CEO
KT corporation 

As a strong backbone of our society, telecommunication networks enable people to stay connected and serve as the fundamental grounds for economic growth.

Today, we are witnessing a new wave of digital transformation in the mobile industry, and numerous innovative technologies are converging to create new possibilities.

Mobile 360 APAC Seoul will be a meaningful opportunity for industry leaders and the government to share their insightful vision to build next-generation networks together in the Asia-Pacific community

Woojune Kim
Corporate President and Head of Networks Business
Samsung Electronics 

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