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What is My M360?

My M360 is the official networking app for the Mobile 360 Series. My M360 allows you to connect to other attendees, view sessions, view speakers, access conference presentations, and receive crucial event information.

How to download My M360 mobile app?

The My M360 App is available in both Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

How to sign in to My M360 app?

Once you have completed registration for one of the Mobile 360 Series events you may login by using the email you have used to register for the event and the password you have chosen during the registration process. Please note that you may only be able to log in to the app for the event that you have registered to attend (for example: if you are attending Mobile 360 – Africa, you can only access the Africa section in the app).

How to see the registered attendees in My M360 app?

Open the My M360 app and select the event that you are attending. On the main page of the event, click the ‘Network’ button at the top, sign in and click the magnifying glass at the top of the page: ‘Search for delegates’. You can also search by responsibility, topic, position and company type at the bottom of the page.

I cannot log into My M360 app, what do I do?

Open the ‘Sign In’ page and click the support link or ‘Forgot password’ link at the bottom of the page.

I cannot access ‘My Event & Inbox’.

You must be signed in to be able to access ‘My Event & Inbox’ page. This section stores all the messages and meeting requests received within the app as well as your favorited sessions, speakers and showcases/sponsors.

How can I access ‘Network’?

To access the ‘Network’ section within the app, you need to click on the ‘Network’ button at the top of the main event page, ‘Sign In’ and click the ‘Networking’ slider under your profile. Please note that networking is disabled when first opening the app.

How do I send a message or meeting invite?

Click on the ‘Network’ button on the main page. Click ‘Search for delegates’ at the top of the page or search by responsibility, position, topic and company at the bottom of the page. Once you have identified the person you would like to contact, click on their name to open their profile. On the profile page under the name, job title and company, there are three icons that allow you to send messages and meeting requests. Click on the first icon to send a meeting request. Click on the second icon to send a message. Finally, click the third icon to add the person in your list of favourite contacts.

What is ‘Showcase’?

‘Showcase & Sponsors’ page includes the list of sponsors and exhibitors for the event.

Where can I see the agenda and speakers?

The ‘Agenda’ & ‘Speakers’ can be accessed on the main page by clicking the ‘Agenda’ and ‘Speaker’ buttons at the top of the page.
The two sections are also available on the left hand-side sliding menu.

Where can I see who is sponsoring the event?

In the ‘Showcase & Sponsor’ section.

What is ‘Polling’?

Polling might be available during some of the event sessions. This allows attendees to share their feedback or views on a particular topic/question/statement.

How can I use ‘Polling’ during an event?

Polling is available during some of the conference sessions at many Mobile 360 Series events. Please follow the instructions provided during the session.

How can I add Sessions, Speakers and Sponsors/Showcases to my ‘Favourite List’?

In order to add a Session, Speaker or Sponsor/Showcases to your ‘Favourites’ list, please click the Showcase/Agenda/Speakers buttons (available either on the main page or in the sliding menu). In the open list you can then click the start symbol next to the Session, Speaker or Showcase name.