Building Digital Nations

Uniting Government and Technology leaders to define the digital strategy of future generations.

Day One – Tuesday 2 August 2022

Keynote 1: Building Digital Nations

Nations around the world are increasingly aware of the importance of digitalization. Most countries are embracing a vision to build a Digital Nation with enhanced economic vitality, robust societal well-beings, and efficient and fair governance. The recent pandemic has further turbocharged the digitalization with the massively accelerated the demand for, and supply of digital products and services, but also stress testing existing national strategies and bringing any gaps and shortcomings into sharp focus. The success of Digital Nations depends heavily on technological capabilities, supporting digital policies and effective partnerships across industries and countries.  

Join the keynote to learn from the best-performing Digital Nations, discuss and explore the capabilities, partnerships, collaborations required to build effective and successful Digital Nations moving forward.

Key Session Discoveries:  

  • Insights sharing from some best-performing Digital Nations on strategies and objectives 
  • Stronger economy, better society and adept governance 
  • Industry and government collaboration 
  • Future of national economies (in manufacturing, agriculture, finance, logistics and more) 
  • Digital leadership 

Keynote 2: New Tech: Innovation in Action

New technologies are key accelerators for all industries and countries to deliver innovative services and products to connected communities, with the increasing pace of innovations, being in the know of the latest breakthroughs in new tech provides a crucial advantage for future of national economies. The growing market for Fintech, Metaverse and more are creating opportunities not seen before as a new digital battlefield emerges. As we advance further, technology promises to deliver even more. As the hotbed for innovation and technologies, countries in Asia Pacific regions also view robust innovation spending as a critical piece of their plans to evolve into Digital Nations. Governments can ensure that they are equipped to lead by gaining insight into new technology being developed and scaled over the next few years. 

Join the keynote to get inspired by the next generation of digital leaders and exposed to the vast of new technologies and innovations, as we re-invent and re-imagine our world for future Digital Nations.

Key Session Discoveries: 

  • Digital policies and national foundations in innovation and investment 
  • Startups and innovations landscape in APAC regions  
  • Fintech & Metaverse  
  • Operators’ Open Innovations and CVCs and engagement with startups  
  • Tech4Good  

Day Two – Wednesday 3 August 2022

Keynote 3: Connectivity for A Digital Future

The global pace of accelerating digital transformation plan is making network connectivity investments at higher level in the past few years. Technologies including cloud network management, automation system and 5G are driving the network evolvement for future. As the foundation of Digital Nations, network connectivity is building a better, more connected society for all. Yet challenges and barriers cannot be ignored, the usage gap in network accessibility remains stubbornly high in many markets. Strategies and actions on ensuring development and availability of connected services being accessible to everyone are urgently required. Questions on network sustainability- where the network can improve as it pursues sustainability and how ready a network is to pursue sustainability will also need to be answered.

Key Session Discoveries:  

  • Evolving the network for future (AI, Cloudnet, and 5G) 
  • How will network infrastructure need to evolve to meet future demands? 
  • 5G ready network 
  • Network performance and requirements  
  • Network in rural areas: cost vs ROI 
  • Government policies and investments to deliver connectivity for a digital future 
  • Connectivity for more resilient societies during and post pandemic  
  • Digital inclusion 
  • Sustainability in 5G and operators’ social responsibilities  

Keynote 4: 5G Accelerating Digital APAC Transformation

GSMA forecasts 5G will contribute $2.2 trillion to the global economy by 2034. 5G, coupled with other digital advancements including AI, IoT, cloud and edge computing is leading the digital transformation across the industries and sectors. APAC is a huge market and fragment with pioneer 5G in North Asia and Oceania, where key industries such as manufacturing, logistics, financial services, utility and public sectors benefit the most from the transformative technologies.  

Hear from industry leaders on where 5G bears the most potential next, what progress need to be made in the rest of the regions and how growth opportunities in business, industries and economy across the APAC are being driven by 5G.  

Key Session Discoveries:  

  • Digital transformation insight sharing in the industries of: 
    • Finance  
    • Manufacturing 
    • Logistics 
    • Public sectors 
  • Ecosystem partnership & advocacy requirements  
  • Digital leadership  
  • Fintech & Metaverse  

This event is invite only. You can register your interest to attend here. You will be contacted if you meet the attendance criteria.