Conference Overview


Inclusion, Progress and Development through Mobile

This is the digital age for Africa. Once again the continent is about to show the world the true potential of mobile.

Mobile connectivity in Africa is going beyond merely connecting people to basic communications, but providing a platform for creating, distributing and consuming innovative digital solutions and services. So what does a digital future truly look like for Africa? And how can we use mobile to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

Mobile 360 Africa inspired and challenged you for Digital Africa and the opportunities it brings. This year, the mobile industry gathered for a three-day programme designed to guide leaders through the state of the industry and celebrate the digital developments taking place across Africa.

Mobile 360 – Africa explored how by putting mobile connectivity at the forefront of national digital strategies, African leaders can leverage the power of mobile to build smart communities and make a digital Africa inclusive for all.

See Agenda

Conference themes included:

  • State of the Industry: Mobile as a platform for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa
  • Expanding and enhancing mobile broadband connectivity
  • Identity as a pathway to social transformation
  • Continuing growth and innovation across Africa
  • What does a digital future look like for Africa?
  • IoT for Africa: Building smart communities
  • User generated content: creating local, relevant content for all
  • Leveraging the power of mobile to advance digital Africa