Workshop - Led by Visa - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Workshop – Led by Visa


Date & Time

Wednesday, 27 Nov

14:30 - 17:30



Location: Loulou’a ballroom



Visa Sessions address critical issues facing telecom operators’ in their quest to reach new customers, launch new business models and pioneer new customer experiences. Whether you are new to mobile financial services or have extensive experience, be sure to attend.



1. Mobile Money powered by Visa

The evolution of mobile money and what Visa is doing and what APIs are being provided to enable mobile network operators launch next generation products and use cases at speed

Alex McCrea

Digital Partnerships, Fintech & Ventures MENA



2. The Future of Payment Security

Understand how to deliver frictionless customer experiences without compromising on payment security. Learn about challenges and attacks and how to safeguard against them with Visa’s best in class security capabilities and best practises

Dmitry Dmitriev

Senior Director, Risk, CEMEA



3. The Rise of fast & low cost remittances direct from your mobile phone

What’s happening to remittance and how is it transforming mobile financial services. 

Dmytro Mamzeliev

Senior Director, Emerging Markets Digital CEMEA

Harsha Sathyanarayana

Senior Director, Emerging Markets Digital CEMEA



4. Customer Insights

What are customers saying and what are they doing?  How Visa can help you win individual customer brands through Visa consulting & analytics

Roberto De Meo

Senior Director, Visa Consulting & Analytics CEMEA