Workshop Four: Event Data Virtualisation – The Bigger Picture - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Workshop Four: Event Data Virtualisation – The Bigger Picture


Date & Time

Thursday, 31 May

15:45 - 17:00


Throughout this conference, you will have heard about data privacy and security in various aspects.

In this last workshop, we would like to broaden such vision and consider the true challenges that we all face in our digital transformation journeys.  It is not just about how we manage security and privacy of the event data we already own, but how to acquire and ingest such event data, store such acquired event data and most importantly, how to leverage such event data across various end-to-end business processes for which the data is required.

We will as part of this workshop explore the following:

• The challenges we face with event data and a particular industry concept that proposed ‘how to solve such challenges’

• A (vendor neutral) proposal to concretely implement such industry concept, including the various functional elements that are required for a successful implementation

• An exchange of concrete use-cases in the telecommunications and finance sectors, to illustrate how those functional elements work together end-to-end

Joins us and explore how to implement such industry concepts and make the virtualized event data lake an industry standard. Learn how to not only secure your event data especially as a lot of such event data comes with privacy controls but also, how to implement as part of the digital transformation journey by digitizing your various end-to-end business processes 

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