Workshop 2: Facial Recognition and Privacy - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Workshop 2: Facial Recognition and Privacy

Date & Time

Thursday, 30 Apr

14:30 - 15:45


The use of automated facial recognition (AFR) is gaining traction as the number of trials for the technology increases. AFR is a biometric identity and security solution that typically uses AI to cross reference faces from camera images against a database in real time. These stored images can be as large as 200MB to 1GB, so the network must be fast, and the image located in close proximity – essentially the definition of 5G. Though proponents advocate the benefits of AFR for consumers and citizens, firms and policymakers alike must ensure it is not used in a way that is harmful, intrusive or unlawful. Otherwise, progress may stall in the fast-growing facial-recognition market, especially given the growing public unease stemming from recent data breaches and mounting concerns around civil liberties being eroded. ‘Governments and regulators will continue to wrangle over the use of biometrics, searching for the right balance between security and privacy. It’s a debate that’s just starting. The technology won’t reverse its course, so regulation will have to catch up.’ (CCS Research). This fundamental session will debate how so-called surveillance technology will evolve in a 5G era and how privacy concerns can be mitigated.