The User Engagement Journey: Driving Adoption of Digital Services - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

The User Engagement Journey: Driving Adoption of Digital Services


Date & Time

Wednesday, 12 Jul

14:30 - 15:45


African leaders have recognised digital inclusion as a human right. However, digital inclusion is much more then network coverage and affordability – limited locally relevant content as well as the lack of digital literacy and skills on user side have been identified as main barriers for adoption of digital services. These barriers are particularly challenging when targeting rural communities and women who make up a large share of the regional population. At the same time mobile is often the only tool for accessing essential services related to finance, agriculture, healthcare, and energy in the rural context. Developing products that are technically feasible, commercially sustainable and desirable by the customer require a different customer-centric process that includes iterations, use of data and customer feedback to drive product decisions.


Africa is home to a number of fantastic programmes which are generating local, relevant content to scale mobile inclusion. Join this session as we encourage the industry to think beyond the launch of products for user consumption but rather, on developing relevant services as well as creating supportive digital ecosystem, paving the way to a truly digitally inclusive society


The first part of this session will explore the challenges and successes of service providers addressing the technology and digital literacy gap. The second part will zoom into the an user centric and agile approach to product development that fosters a community of engaged customers, thereby enhancing mobile solutions’ ability to reach greater levels of scale and make an impact.