The Role of Mobile as an Assistive Technology - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

The Role of Mobile as an Assistive Technology


Date & Time

Wednesday, 25 Sep

15:00 - 17:00


Level 4 - Starhill 4


How people with disabilities can represent an untapped market for mobile operators in emerging markets

Disability affects more than a billion people worldwide, yet only one in ten have access to the assistive technologies they need to live more independent and autonomous lives. This session aims to raise awareness to Asian stakeholders about the potential of mobile as an assistive technology for people with disabilities (PWDs), but also how PWDs, who increasingly rely on digital communications to be included in society, can represent an untapped market for mobile operators. The team will present the learnings of their first landscaping study on the potential of mobile for PWDs and recent primary research conducted in Kenya and Bangladesh to collect evidence on the benefits and barriers of PWDS to use mobile services and devices. Another aspect that will be discussed is the potential commercial opportunity for mobile operators to close this access gap and make their services accessible to all.

The session will include a round table discussion on industry recommendations for effective strategies for driving inclusion of PWDs across all services and products within the mobile ecosystem. Participants will discuss short-, medium- and long-term opportunities as well as key approaches to overcome challenges for driving inclusion initiatives within their organisations.


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