Strategic ‘coopetition’: The value of partnerships in the platform era - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Strategic ‘coopetition’: The value of partnerships in the platform era

Mobile Money Leadership Forum

Date & Time

Thursday, 18 Jul

11:30 - 12:30


In 2012 M-Shwari, a joint initiative by CBA bank and Safaricom, provided access to micro-savings and loans to help protect their customers against unexpected emergencies. Mobile money providers are increasingly testing a variety of hybrid business strategies, incorporating elements of collaboration and competition. In 2018, Mowali set a new standard for cooperation by offering a platform open to mobile networks operators, banks, money transfer operators and other financial services providers, functioning as an open industry utility to facilitate interoperability.

Recently we have witnessed a new wave of ‘coopetition’ in the industry, involving partnerships with global Tech players. This session will explore partnerships in the ‘payments as a platform’ era. What are the characteristics of an impactful partnership? How will the balance between collaboration and ‘coopetition’ be struck in order to maximise impact in emerging markets?


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