Keynote 4: IoT Security: Safeguarding the Network - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Keynote 4: IoT Security: Safeguarding the Network


Date & Time

Wednesday, 29 May

11:00 - 12:15


According to GSMA Intelligence, there will be 25 billion IoT connections by 2025 – digital opportunities and associated cyber security challenges will expand as billions of “things” and humans are connected. Embraced by both consumers and enterprises alike, the Internet of Things (IoT) is developing at an exponential rate. Yet while the benefits of our ever more connected society are understood, how to securely manage the influx of new devices onto the network is less clear. For the IoT to flourish, the industry needs an aligned and consistent approach to IoT security. Security as a service is emerging as a key trend.  While the IoT encompasses a hugely diverse range of different services, most IoT services present the same cybersecurity challenges: how to achieve the security properties of “availability”, “identity”, “integrity” and “privacy” in devices that are low complexity, have constrained power supplies, have long lifecycles and are physically more accessible to attackers. In addressing these issues it is important that robust security measures are adopted by the whole IoT value chain for the lifetime of the service, since most IoT services are deployed using a collection of enabling entities and technologies each with their own set of attack vectors. This session will debate the ways in which the industry can adopt a holistic security approach to mitigate the security vulnerabilities in IoT devices, networks, applications and web services that comprise a typical IoT service.