Keynote 3: Safeguarding the Network - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Keynote 3: Safeguarding the Network


Date & Time

Thursday, 31 May

09:30 - 11:00


The network is evolving and it is evolving fast. But, so are the threats. Whilst active steps are being taken to combat these threats, it raises the need for a conversation around standardisation; how can we and should we standardise encryption on the network between internet and operator players?


There are also some big questions facing the industry around 5G Security – namely, what does it actually look like? In this session, we will be exploring 5G security and look to define the trust model around it. 


09.30 Chairperson’s Introduction

Robert Garskamp, Managing Director, IDentity.Next 

09.35 Start-up Ignite

Prof. Dror Fixler, CEO, FirstPoint Mobile Guard 

09.40 5G security enabling trustworthy IoT services

Bodil Josefsson, Head of IoT Security, Ericsson 

10.00 Fireside Chat: 5G and IoT

Martin Garner, SVP, CCS Insight

Steve Buck, COO and Product Director, Evolved Intelligence

10.30 Panel Discussion

Moderator: Bharadwaj Pulugundla, Manager IoT Strategy and Innovation, Verizon 

Fredrik Soderlund, Software and Systems Security Advisor, SymSoft 

Mike O’Brien, Group Vice President, Strategy, Syniverse

Alan Duric, COO/CTO and Co-Founder, Wire

Diana Stanescu, Business Development Manager – Security Markets, Spirent Communications 

10.55 Chairperson Session Wrap Up

Robert Garskamp, Managing Director, IDentity.Next