GSMA Digital Identity: Closing the identity gap for women and the role of mobile - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

GSMA Digital Identity: Closing the identity gap for women and the role of mobile

Side Session

Date & Time

Wednesday, 17 Jul

14:30 - 16:00


Room: AD5

Over 230 million women and girls across the Commonwealth have no access to an official form of identity yet the ability to prove one’s identity is essential to exercising rights and securing access to a number of life-enhancing services including healthcare, voting, education, financial services, employment and social protections. As we continue advancing in the digital age, identification is also becoming ever more critical to gaining access to mobile connectivity and a range of mobile services, particularly in at least 150 countries where mandatory SIM registration policies are in place. Through the Commonwealth Digital Identity Initiative, the GSMA Digital Identity programme is partnering with the World Bank’s ID4D programme and Caribou Digital with the support of DFID and DFAT to help make progress in providing a digitally-enabled identity for every woman and girl in the Commonwealth by 2030.


In this session, GSMA will host a panel discussion with various stakeholders in the digital identity ecosystem about the challenges and solutions to increase uptake of identity and ID-linked services for women and girls in the Commonwealth. The panel will highlight insights from multiple stakeholders about the specific policy and socio-cultural challenges facing women and girls when accessing or using official identification. The panel will also explore the role of mobile in accelerating digital identity ecosystems and empowering marginalised and underserved communities to become digital citizens who can fully participate in today’s digital economy. Finally, the session will address additional policy themes in this context, such as the role of data protection an privacy frameworks in building consumer trust.


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