Future-Proofing for 5G and Exploring New Revenue Streams - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Future-Proofing for 5G and Exploring New Revenue Streams


Date & Time

Tuesday, 10 Oct

14:00 - 14:45


5G is more than just a generational step; it represents a fundamental transformation of the role that mobile technology plays in society. As demand for continuous connectivity grows, 5G is an opportunity to create an agile, purpose-built network tailored to the different needs of citizens and the economy. It is an opportunity for operators to move beyond connectivity and collaborate across sectors such as finance, transport, retail and health to deliver new, rich services. It is an opportunity for industry, society and individuals to advance their digital ambitions, with 5G a catalyst for innovation. For operators, 5G in its initial phase will be, first and foremost, a chance to deliver a transformed mobile broadband experience to customers. This will be targeted predominantly at consumers, but operators will be looking to the enterprise segment to unlock the incremental opportunity of the 5G era. As the focus shifts to the next phase with massive IoT and critical communications services, 5G will provide an opportunity for operators to go beyond connectivity and partner with other service providers across finance, transport, retail, health and other industry segments to deliver new services. This session will explore the opportunities that 5G presents for new revenue streams and deliver clarity on how operators can future-proof network investments made today.