Fake News and Future Media: Fact or Fiction? - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Fake News and Future Media: Fact or Fiction?


Date & Time

Wednesday, 17 Jul

11:15 - 12:30


What is the role of the media, operators and tech platforms in disrupted digital world?

In the era of fake news and misinformation, many look to the media to educate, entertain and most importantly, inform them. 2019 is a landmark year for the region with two major general elections and the consumption of media through mobile at an all-time high. We use this session to discuss and debate the big questions facing media, operators and technology platforms in today’s digital societies; What is the responsibility of technology platforms and mobile operators to the huge numbers of digital citizens using them to access information? Should access to the internet be a fundamental human right? What happens when governments use internet shutdowns to silence opinion? Could there be an opportunity for operators to act as trusted partners?

Put your burning questions on the future of news & media to our panel of experts as we ask if the media is truly serving digital consumers.