Ecosystem Keynote: Digital Transformation and Customer Experience - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Ecosystem Keynote: Digital Transformation and Customer Experience


Date & Time

Tuesday, 10 Oct

09:30 - 11:15


With increasingly saturated markets experiencing slowing subscriber growth and the cannibalisation of core revenues by IP messaging players, operators across the MENA region are recognising the imperative to invest in digital transformation as a way to remain relevant to their customers. This will be the catalyst for operators to diversify their revenue streams, implement new services and monetise the growth in data traffic. Digitisation is now beginning to transform a range of adjacent industries, including healthcare, finance and retail. This is creating opportunities for innovative new services, with consumer engagement and data traffic increasingly reliant upon mobile networks and devices. To date, much of the revenue growth (and associated valuation upside) from new digital services has been captured by the new internet players. This pivotal session will demonstrate how operators can undertake their own digital transformation to benefit from these opportunities and gain a share of the incremental revenues, by developing new business models and skills to compete effectively.