Building an Inclusive Digital Economy - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Building an Inclusive Digital Economy


Date & Time

Wednesday, 15 Nov

11:20 - 13:00


India is currently in the midst of a large effort to modernise its financial services and move individuals into the electronic financial space. India has traditionally been a cash-oriented economy and a paradigm shift in thinking will need time and resources. It will involve a migration to new social and cultural patterns and habits.


The implications for business are significant, too. Fast-changing market conditions and rapidly evolving consumer behaviour present challenges to established businesses. How should SMEs and larger corporations respond? What can India learn from China in creating its own digital finance ecosystem?


Key takeaways

  • The challenges and opportunities of building an inclusive economy
  • What roles will operators play in moving away from traditional payment methods
  • How other emerging countries are modernising their financial services
  • How China created its own digital finance ecosystem and why it is flourishing
  • In-depth discussion on the implications of inclusive growth for policy, business, and civic engagement