Banking - GSMA Mobile 360 Series



Date & Time

Wednesday, 24 May

14:00 - 15:30


The banking industry has many parallels with the insurance industry in terms of the disruptive forces it is facing, from changing customer needs to financial technology innovation and the rise of fintech start-ups offering banking products and services. To address these challenges, banks are innovating using financial technologies and different digital channels to gain efficiencies and provide convenience, personalisation and customisation to customers. However, the banking industry is heavily regulated and banks that are innovating using financial technologies need to ensure continued risk management (of systems and customer data) and compliance with numerous and evolving banking regulations. This workshop will bring together industry experts who will explore how privacy and security are being impacted by disruption in the banking industry.


This session will be held under the Chatham House Rule.


14.00 How does FinTech tackle the legal challenges of Disruption?

AG Elevate is a 12 month, fast track legal mentoring programme for selected FinTechs, designed to accelerate them through start up legal challenges. Join this workshop to gain direct insight into what are the top legal challenges FinTechs are facing and how we prepare them to succeed.

Fiona Ghosh, Partner – Head of FinTech, Addleshaw Goddard

Isha Chander, Business Development Manager, Financial Services, Addleshaw Goddard

14.45 Customer authentication strategies in an evolving technology, threat, and regulatory environment 

Authentication is the lock and key on your organization’s digital front door. It’s your customer’s first point of interaction with your brand, in a world where digital interaction is fast becoming more the rule than the exception. At the same time it’s a keystone of your customer-facing security architecture: your first line of defense against cyber fraud. These opposing roles are tricky—but critically important—to balance. New threats, new security technologies such as biometrics and behavioral analytics, and new regulations such as PSD2 are forcing authentication processes to evolve. This session will update you on the current and near-future customer authentication landscape, and offer strategies for getting the process right: with strong security and privacy, a positive CX (customer experience), and in compliance with the appropriate regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Tom Wills, Director, Ontrack Advisory