Asia-Pacific’s Digital Lifestyles: Engine for Growth - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Asia-Pacific’s Digital Lifestyles: Engine for Growth


Date & Time

Wednesday, 25 Sep

11:20 - 12:30


Lower Lever 3 (LL3) - Mayang Sari Ballroom


As people have gotten more comfortable with technology, the lifestyle field has grown considerably. Whether looking at the internet, shopping online, social media usage or eSports, lifestyle services have made a huge impact on society and the economy.

The vast majority of this has been beneficial, but care is needed to ensure that it remains so; press stories of gaming addiction, online bullying and more sensationalise some of the potential drawbacks and encourage knee-jerk responses. This session will dispel some of the myths around popular lifestyle services and take a pragmatic look at what industry, government and wider society can and should do to benefit most from digital lifestyles.