A New Chapter of Connectivity for Africa - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

A New Chapter of Connectivity for Africa


Date & Time

Tuesday, 16 Jul

11:15 - 12:30


Can mobile operators do it alone?

The strength of Telco goes beyond networks as shown by Africa’s young and digitally engaged increasing their mobile usage faster than anywhere else globally. We are entering a new era of connectivity and it is impossible to overstate the crucial role government’s play in creating the right environment for operators and other key stakeholders to invest, partner and deliver a network fit for a fast-changing landscape.

Key questions need answers; how can we guarantee at a national level quick progress for expanding networks? Is the traditional network model for operators shifting away from sole ownership? Do we need to start investing in 5G? Does access to mobile require mandating? 

By putting the consumer first, this session will examine what a future and more diverse network landscape looks like.