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Environmental Initiative


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The GSMA strives to be environmentally responsible at all of our offices worldwide, as well as at our global events. We encourage Mobile 360 Series sponsors and partners to do their part.

Our Objectives Our Achievements
  • Contribute to the preservation of the environment by reducing our emissions and waste.
  • Identify more opportunities to considerably reduce our event’s emissions.
  • Continue to work actively with our suppliers on improving our products to achieve emission reductions wherever possible.
  • The operations team has set a team objective to reduce all GSMA features carbon footprint by at least 5% year on year through reutilization, recycling or choice of material.
  • All 13 international GSMA offices and all GSMA events, including the Mobile 360 Series have been certified as carbon neutral for 2016. This makes GSMA a carbon neutral company, a certification we intend to renew each year.
  • MWC Barcelona has twice been awarded with the Guinness world record of being the worlds largest carbon neutral trade show.
  • At MWC Shanghai 2017 all carpets were recycled avoiding thereby the emission of the equivalent of 99 tons of CO2.
  • Waste reduction through our ‘Donation Room’ Initiative. In 2017 we collected 2 table tennis tables and donated them to Shanghai Bao Shan Vocational School.
  • 99.52% of materials used for GSMA features at MWCS were sourced locally.
  • An electric shuttle bus was utilised for moving between halls minimizing the impact on the environment.
  • Paper-free Media Centre, press kits and press releases.
  • Conference bags and lanyards are made out of recycled PET material.
  • Generally all communication is via email, Mobile World Congress Shanghai does not send out physical letters from registration.
  • Shell scheme stands/meeting rooms will be built using reusable materials where possible.
  • Low-voltage lighting fixtures will be used in all shell scheme stands and meeting rooms where possible.
  • Reusable utensils and tableware will be provided at official catering outlets.
  • Digital distribution of welcome pack and other media materials to reduce the use of paper.
  • Free shuttle buses from some hotels to the event site and encourage the use of public transport instead of taxis.
  • All wooden structures built for the theatres will be stored and reused in the next event.

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