What does the Rise of the Digital Citizen mean to you? - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

What does the Rise of the Digital Citizen mean to you?


We put this question to a few participants of Mobile 360 – West Africa and here is what they have to say.
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“We believe that digital interactions should be privacy-enhancing, secure, intelligent, and efficient. These digital interactions will be made possible by a user-centric digital identity that is owned, managed, and controlled by the individual and that enables the individual to interact with participating organizations. We envision a digital identity service that is simple, smart, and secure.

Collaboration is at the core of our design for digital identity services. There is no single government, technology company, financial institution, or even industry sector that can effectively deliver a digital identity service by itself. Co-dependence, collaboration, partnership, and orchestration are all required. This enables us to achieve together what is impossible alone. Mastercard is forging partnerships, investing resources, and using our network expertise to make this vision a reality.”

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Oluwakemi Okusanya, VP West Africa, Visa

“One of the shifts in the technology and payments space is how much more open it is in networking and sharing ideas. As the world becomes increasingly mobile and digital, Visa is also establishing new partnerships with governments, clients, telcos, mobile network operators, software developers, hardware manufacturers, fintechs and others to expand the reach of digital payments globally. Visa remains grounded in the principles of partnership, innovation, trust and openness. In that regard, we recently launched our Fintech Fast Track program through which we engage with passionate, entrepreneurial communities to understand where synergies exist in order to foster and bring new experiences to life in a secure and scalable. Our aim is to connect new players and ideas with our network partners, so that we can deliver intuitive and relevant payment, banking and retail experiences to customers and merchants in a digital future.”

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“The rise of digital citizen mean that more and more people are taking advantage of the unique benefits offered by connectivity and Africa’s demand in connectivity is ramping up at an exponential pace.

Broadband coverage will need to expand rapidly — specifically in rural areas — in order for all citizens and businesses to reap the benefit.

The gaps in connectivity represent a missed commercial opportunity for mobile operators. Operators that can quickly build out coverage to remote areas will have the first-mover advantage in winning new customers and increasing market share. Where fibre and microwave backhaul are not practical, operators can deploy satellite-based cellular backhaul managed services or turnkey solutions for fast deployment to multiple remote site locations.
With satellite-based cellular backhaul, Mobile operators can now quickly and cost-efficiently connect more people, places and things by expanding 2G/3G/4G coverage in rural and remote areas considered impractical using traditional cellular backhaul.”

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“In the quest to remain relevant to the end-user, the ICT industry should be prepared to evolve the customer journey into a zero-touch future – where interaction will be based on voice, gestures and supported by artificial intelligence”

Kingsley Nebechi, Artist

“Over the years, technology came with many advancements and new discoveries. We strive to be more intertwined in the fiber of this evolving digital revolution. We are the digital citizen, and together we shall rise”

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Akinwale Goodluck, Head of Africa, GSMA

“West Africa has come a long way in regard to mobile and technology. Over the period to 2025, around 72 million new mobile subscribers will be added in West Africa, taking subscriber penetration to 54%. The rise of the digital citizen therefore means that the population is harnessing the vast resources and talent that the continent has to offer and is now on the frontline in the creation and use of new technology and innovation that will firmly put Africa on the global map.”

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