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Latin America is fertile ground for innovation and full of ICT opportunities

By Alejandro Adamowicz, Technical Director, GSMA Latin America

Latin America is fertile ground for innovation and full of ICT opportunities, with networks playing a key role to ensure opportunities can be captured

According to the report IoT: the next wave of connectivity and services, by GSMA Intelligence, our region will have around 1.3 billion IoT connections by 2025. A demand of this size will drive the development of a vibrant ecosystem that’s set to become one of the most active arenas globally. Operators, vendors and innovators will be coming together at round tables.

At the same time, after publication of the first 3GPP standard in December and announcements made at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, the 5G era is taking shape. Operators are well on the way to completing rollout of 4G, which now covers more than 70% of the population. One of the concerns of CTOs is the readiness of the networks they are currently deploying to embrace 5G in the next few years. At the GSMA, we are aware of the challenges, and through our Future Networks programme we’re leading discussion and making recommendations about facing network evolution and the economic aspects that will make future networks sustainable.

These are just a sample of the topics we are addressing at the next meeting of our Technical & Terminals Working Group (TECT) meeting at Mobile 360 – Latin America in Buenos Aires.

This working group’s mission is to provide support to members of GSMA LA regarding technical aspects of networks of the GSM/3GPP family and their evolution. The TECT group is also a forum for the exchange of its members’ experiences in the implementation of networks and services and a channel to disseminate and promote recommendations, events and GSMA training programs. The group has the goal of identifying and consolidating common regional technical and commercial requirements and sharing them with the appropriate stakeholders in the telco ecosystem.

If you are interested in participating in the TECT Working Group meeting, we encourage you to apply here or reach out to Alejandro Adamowicz directly.

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