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Mobile 360 – Latin America Working Groups, part 4


GSMA Latin America has four Operator-led Working Groups that provide GSMA regional members the opportunity to get engaged in GSMA activities and programmes, exchange information, provide training, network as well as establishing regional industry positions. This post is part of a series where we take a deeper look at each Working Group.

Mobile 360 – Latin America Working Groups, part 4:
Prepare to embrace the next generation of mobile services with the TECT meeting

By Alejandro Adamowicz, Technology Director, Latin America, GSMA

Operators around the world face major technological challenges and opportunities, and Latin America is no exception. The region is subject to specific conditions that make network development particularly challenging, such as exponential growth in data traffic, regulatory and social barriers to antenna deployment, the need to ensure security, and the opportunities arising from the emergence of 5G and brand new advanced services.

In this challenging ecosystem environment, the next meeting of GSMA Latin America Technical and Terminals Working Group (TECT), at Mobile 360 – Latin America in Bogotá, will be a unique opportunity to keep up to date and share best practices and new technological developments with world class experts, based on regional insight.

The TECT meeting is a forum for mobile operators, vendors and technology experts to share experiences in network and service rollout, and provides a channel for disseminating and promoting recommendations, events and GSMA training programmes. The group mission is to identify and consolidate common technical and commercial requirements in the region and share the findings with appropriate stakeholders in the telco ecosystem.

Key topics at the TECT meeting will include:

  • Case studies on effective site densification strategies,
  • The roadmap to 5G: preparing to embrace the new generation of services,
  • Identity services: new developments and implementation models for Mobile Connect,
  • Rich Communication Services: key issues to successfully implement brand new A2P and P2P services,
  • Mobile IoT: new developments and challenges.

We invite you to be part of our next meeting in Bogotá.

Please contact Alejandro Adamowicz for more information about the TECT meeting.

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