Europe needs a pro-investment climate


By the GSMA Europe team in Brussels

Today we look at the reasons why Europe needs the right policy and regulatory framework in order to remain atop of technological innovation worldwide.

The development of a Gigabit Society in Europe, with ultrafast connectivity coverage and sustainable competition in the medium and long term, depends on a regulatory framework that favours investment. Therefore, the EU’s Digital Single Market must be backed by a fresh approach to regulation, keeping pace with dynamic and converging markets. Only then will Europe be able to move quickly and capitalise on the tremendous opportunities a digitally vibrant economy can offer to its citizens and businesses.

Investment and competition have so far delivered the highest subscriber penetration of any major region (84 per cent). However, a balanced regulatory framework that encourages investment is needed to enable continual network evolution and to expand rural access in a commercially viable way.

Two years after the Digital Single Market strategy was kicked off by the European Commission, the EU has been quick to achieve important agreements. Still, there are some important proposals to be agreed.

GSMA Mobile 360 Series – Europe comes at the right time to assess what has worked well to date, what needs to change and where regulation can promote the long-term development of our new digital world. With the right policy and regulatory framework Europe could, once again, be at the forefront of technological innovation worldwide. Join the GSMA, European policymakers and the mobile industry on October 17 at the Résidence Palace in Brussels to further the Gigabit Society in Europe.

More information on Mobile 360 – Europe is available here.

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