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Mobile 360 – Privacy & Security will take place once again in The Hague. Make plans to attend this global industry event!Get Updates

Mobile 360 – Privacy & Security will take place once again in The Hague. Make plans to attend this global industry event!Get Updates

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Event Overview


Introducing the latest event into the Mobile 360 Series! In contrast to our other regionally-focused Mobile 360 events, this one is entirely devoted to the topic of privacy and security across the global mobile enterprise ecosystem.

In cooperation with The Hague Security Delta and The Municipality of The Hague, Mobile 360 Series – Privacy & Security will explore the state of network security and data privacy today and examine best practices across a variety of industries. This event will include a combination of keynote speakers, panel discussions, technology demonstrations and in-depth case studies that address the growing importance of privacy and security across the globe.

Why Privacy & Security?

There is no denying that mobile technology is deeply embedded into our lives. More and more industries are incorporating mobile into their business models and leveraging digital communications. While this improves efficiencies and can create competitive advantages, it also adds additional challenges to organisations to protect both themselves and their customers. If this aspect of the business is ignored or done poorly, the results can be catastrophic to the organisation.

Much focus has been placed on server integrity, internet security, cloud protection and safe data exchange in the traditional business models. What is new and must be explored is the data flow through the mobile ecosystem, specifically mobile security and data privacy. M2M and IoT will continue to grow and new security threats will emerge. How is this data being shared across the value chain? How can organisations ensure their data is safe as it travels through the network? How should companies respond to security breaches? What are the new rules with regard to privacy? How should enterprises be protected in this increasingly connected world?

As consumer and enterprise awareness grows and more importance is placed on digital trust, customer data privacy and management will become a source of competitive advantage and service creation. Mobile 360 – Privacy & Security will support the cultivation of the mobile-first commercial security and data protection communities. Don’t be left behind; join us in May!

 Who Should Attend?

This event cuts across all industries and function areas. We recommend any company that is employing or anticipates deploying mobile technology into any aspect of their business attend Mobile 360 – Privacy & Security. This can include developing new products that embeds mobile, companies contemplating BYOD, organisations with mobile apps, or companies utilising mobile commerce.

Suggested industries include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Financial & Banking
  • Utilities
  • Retail

 Location, Dates, & Times

Mobile 360 – Privacy & Security will be held 10 – 11, May 2016 at the Hilton the Hague located at Zeestraat 35, The Hague, Netherlands.


 Sponsors & Partners

Sponsor a Mobile 360 Series event and get in front of the right people in the mobile industry to promote your business and drive your company forward. We offer a variety of packages to target attendees or we can create a custom opportunity to help you meet your goals. For more information, please download our sponsorship opportunities and then contact us to discuss further.

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Conference Programme

Our two-day programme will feature a high-level thought-leadership conference that includes keynote speakers, panel discussions and in-depth case studies from across many industries.


View the full, printable agenda here.


Hear from experts and key leaders from a vast array of industries that touch the global enterprise ecosystem.  If you are interested in speaking at this event, please contact us.

 Meet the Hacker

Have you ever wondered what exists behind the motivations and practices of hackers?  We are giving all Mobile 360 - Privacy & Security attendees the opportunity to attend an exclusive reception, where you will get to see inside the minds of the world's leading expert hackers.  Join us to meet Chris Roberts and Karsten Nohl on Tuesday, 10 May.


Interested in participating in our ultimate Hackathon?  This is a great platform for talented people to get noticed by digital  industry leaders.  Here's how it will work:

You will be part of a team competing against others at the event.  Your team will be tasked with developing an app based on the requirements set by attendees of Mobile 360 - Privacy & Security.  With full support from experts with both Onegini and KPMG, you will build a fully functioning secure mobile app including the backend APIs based on Onegini's building blocks.  After 24 hours, teams will present their app and will be judged by attendees of Mobile 360 - Privacy & Security.  The winner will be selected by popular vote.

Participate for the chance to win:

  • Passes to the GSMA 2017 Mobile World Congress!
  • The P9, Huawei's latest flagship smartphone
  • KPMG Mobile App Hacking training for up to 6 hours

To get involved with a team of developers or to sign up as a hacker, please contact Alex Lawrence.


The Showcase will run throughout the event, offering the opportunity to engage with the latest mobile technology innovations from our showcase partners and GSMA programmes. You will get to interact with CM Groep, Huawei and Onegini, among may others.  Stay tuned for further updates as details are developed!

GSMA Showcase

Get a closer look at some of the GSMA's key initiatives or find out more about the benefits available through GSMA Membership by visiting the GSMA Showcase located on Level 1.

Connected Living

The Connected Living Hub will run throughout the event and provide attendees with the opportunity to meet the programme experts who developed the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines. For those unfamiliar with the guidelines, this is an ideal occasion to discover how they can serve the industry in creating a secure and trusted IoT. For IoT security experts, this is a rare chance to discuss the guidelines in greater detail with other security and privacy specialists.  The Connected Living Hub will also provide an electronic guide to the Connected Living programme with immediate access to a wealth of essential IoT industry information.

Mobile Connect

Experience simple, secure access to digital services with Mobile Connect, which draws upon the inherent security of the device always with the consumer; their mobile phone. From facilitating simple log-in, to increasing security for high value transactions by utilising step-up authentication (using pin or biometrics) with Visa and MePIN, learn how Mobile Connect is transforming online businesses today.  With over 2 billion enabled users worldwide, Mobile Connect is the new standard in digital authentication delivered by a global network of operators. Find out how to become part of this global solution with the GSMA.

Start-up Showcase

Red Tulip Systems

Do you or your employees use more than one mobile phone to keep work and home lives separate? If one of those phones were lost or stolen, would you worry more about the loss of the physical device or the loss of data it contained? Visit Red Tulip Systems to see how WorkFone® offers the privacy and security of separate devices and eliminates the risk of data loss, all on a single smartphone.


How important is mobile privacy, security and data protection for your enterprise? Does the upcoming legislation EU Data Protection also apply to your company? X-Systems has developed two “ready to go” secure & encrypted smartphones for enterprises. Whether it is our slim and sleek smartphone or our Mil-Std 810g and IP68 approved one: X-Systems smartphones are secure and encrypted and by default provide secure OS, messaging, VoIP, Storage, Mail, VPN and Device Management. Visit us and find out what secure and encrypted communication looks like.


A Data leak – the nightmare for organizations. Did you know that most data leaks are caused by your own employees’ errors in handling e-mail, chat and files? ZIVVER solves this with secure information sharing with our integrations (e.g. Outlook) and user-friendly apps. We support large file sharing, prevent human errors by warning about strange messages, provide organizations with logs and dashboards to identify risks and not necessary that those receiving messages also use ZIVVER. ZIVVER just made secure communication simple.


Who do you want to protect the most in this life? Good answer, we totally agree and we want this too! We made a solution to make this happen. For this we are using the oldest but strongest source that nobody can beat ever! Curious how this looks and feels? Visit us and we take care of 1 minute experience of using WeAware+™.


Integrity and confidentiality guaranteed. For governance, risk and compliance assessments you really don’t want to be connected. And if so, in a highly secured fashion. WLIS makes that possible.


MagiCrypt, for the security of BYOD. Employees working for Government prefer to use BYOD. Security is a major concern for the authorities. Development of security for smartphones and governmental approval is critical and time consuming. MagiCrypt is a small Crypto engine to connect the device through a secure encrypted link with the backoffice, ready for Governmental approval. A demonstrator with all basic functions will be shown during the exhibition. Visitors can use their own smartphone to connect and see how it works.


If you wish to participate in the Showcase, contact us for Sponsorship opportunities.



Attendee Registration

Thank you for attending Mobile 360 - Privacy & Security.  We hope to see you next year!  Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming events.




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